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We can Spray Foam Attics, Walls and Subfloors.

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Over 4,300+ Satisfied Customers

New Orleans Insulation has been the #1 spray foam company in New Orleans, Louisiana for the past six years. With over 535+ homes and businesses spray foamed in 2018 alone and over 4,300+ since 2012 making it the most trusted and reputable company offering energy efficient insulation solutions to both residential and commercial buildings. Our company has flawlessly held an A+ Rating since 2005 with the BBB and numerous other consumer report websites by ensuring customer satisfaction always comes first with every client individually. Certified – Spray Foam Insulation Contractor.

NOLA is home! New Orleans Insulation was established after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. In an attempt to rebuild what we called home in the most efficient ways possible deciding to use spray foam seemed like an easy consideration since it is and has been the most effective insulation on the market. After learning about the product, using the product and living with the product it became an easy decision to establish a company that would be local to NOLA so others in and around the city could enjoy the benefits as well. Years in the making with thousands of homes insulated locally we have grown and now service a larger portion of the southeast covering multiple sates and regions.

There is many ways we can help you save energy and money with our spray foam solutions. Spray foam is without a doubt the most efficient and reliable product on the market for your new construction home and the top choice for current homeowners interested in retrofitting their existing homes with spray foam as well.

We can install spray foam in; attics, interior walls, exterior walls, subfloors, crawl spaces, and in-between floors in multilevel homes. Also we can install spray foam in commercial and residential use metal buildings. Not only can we heavily insulate metal buildings at the same time we can waterproof them and increase the structural value by 265% with our closed cell spray foam.